Minnesota’s instant summer

Just a short post this time to complain about the weather. That sounds like a typical Minnesotan thing to do right? We went from a chilly spring where the daily high barely made it over 60 degrees to suddenly being drenched in 97-100 degree (F) temps. And worse yet… it’s been sticking with us for a record number of days.

In practical purposes what it means is that I’m getting out biking and running a bit less, since it’s incredibly oppressive. When I do get out it’s slower and less intense of a workout, but that’s fine. However, I did discover that my summer coffee drink (decaf iced americano) comes in an XL size at Caribou! That means my morning bike ride ends with a nice huge jug of iced bitter goodness. It is funny how many questions I get from the baristas about decaf. They keep asking me if I want cream or sugar and can’t believe it when I decline. Apparently straight-up decaf isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee in this case).

Apart from the little coffee journeys it’s going to be a quiet month. My wife is recovering from a knee surgery and so we’re staying close to home for the month of June. Hopefully though we’ll be back on the road towards the end of summer. Until then it’ll be a lot of small posts, and maybe some photos on the blog. I do have a review I’m working on for a camping table, so that should be forthcoming.

Time to drink more water and get back to changing my shirt multiple times a day…


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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