The Old Fashioned

Although they were late to the party, I have been having some fun experimenting with my non-alcoholic spirts that arrived from Ritual Proof for Dry January. I’ve attempted a few different drinks that I had never tried before such as a tequila sunrise and an old fashioned. In fact, this was the first time I had ever had an old fashioned… ever!

An old fashioned is a very simple drink consisting of simple syrup/sugar, whiskey (or rye or bourbon), bitters and some orange garnish, maybe with a cherry. It’s been taken in all kinds of directions over the years, and if you want some interested background on it I’d suggest the How To Drink episode on the topic (one of a few actually). The other night I wanted to attempt one of these with my NA whiskey so I headed to the liquor store for some angostura bitters and made a very simple version of it. It was delicious and I’ve been making them since.

But now that Dry January is over, I’d like to switch over to something more authentic than NA whiskey and that’s where my audience comes in. If you’re making an old fashioned, what spirit do you use? Do you do orange, lemon, or cherries? Let me know what I should restock my liquor shelf with to make some killer old fashioned’s!


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