Joining the KREW

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of PATH Projects running clothing for men. I was introduced to them back when they first got started in 2018, and they’re my favorite running short I’ve ever used. The key things that make them work for me are

  • No liner included – I hate liners in shorts. I want the freedom to use the underwear that works for me, and not be stuck with something sewn in to my short. Or maybe I just want to wear the shorts casually and wear normal underwear. I also live in a climate with warm summers and cold winters, so having the ability to change out my underwear is a big deal. Not having a liner is a big plus for me.
  • Pocket design – I love the intelligent way the pockets are put together on PATH shorts. The first pair I had was the Sykes with three pockets in the back. However, my new all time favorite is the Graves with a large center pocket in the back, and two side pockets (like traditional everyday shorts). I don’t need to carry a waist belt when wearing these shorts.
  • Material – The feel of the fabric that they use in these shorts is awesome. It’s light but feels durable, and breathes well. There’s a few different ones to chose from, but honestly the standard Primeflex is my go-to.

PATH has now started to branch out into other areas, including hats and running tops, and I’m slowly building my collection. That’s why when I saw them announce their first ever ambassador program, I new I had to apply. A couple weeks ago I found out I was accepted, and am now a part of the PATH Projects KREW!

So what is an ambassador? Basically, it’s a super-fan of a product that is willing to help spread the word about their favorite brand. Ambassador’s aren’t paid a salary, but they’re often rewarded with discounts on items that they were probably already going to buy anyway. It’s really all about continuing to enjoy using the products you love, and if you’re like me, still telling people about why you like them.

I’m excited to get to support something I use, and want to share with others. Hopefully, I’ll have some opportunities to connect more with the company and learn more about what they’ve got coming up. Don’t worry, this blog won’t become a commercial, but I anticipate I’ll have more to share about being part of the KREW as time goes on.

Until then, if you haven’t already checked out PATH, give them a look. I think you’ll like em.


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