The streak has ended, but…

Back at the end of March I decided to join up with #30daysofbiking. The goal is to bike, even just a little bit, every single day of April. Things went so well in April, I opt’d to keep it going and see how long I could ride at least 1 mile every day.

Then, this weekend hit. On Saturday morning I went for a nice 25K run, and when we got home we headed up to Father Hennepin State Park for a day-trip. It was a glorious day, taking a short nap to the sound of waves nearby. We walked around the park, and enjoyed a couple quick brewery stops on the way home.

And then I forgot.

That’s right, after 123 days of at least 1 mile of biking per day, I forgot.

The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize I had forgotten until I was out on today’s ride. That’s the problem with streaks, just because you get into a habit, it doesn’t mean you still don’t need to work for it.

However, to cap off this 123 day achievement, today’s ride became a celebration, not only of so many days of biking in a row, but also a new all-time distance. I was on a ride with some friends, and we managed 100K across the Twin Cities, from Woodbury, back to Minneapolis, and then up to Fridley. It was longer than I had ever ridden in a single ride, and my legs are certainly feeling it. But, it seems like a worthwhile capstone to the end of my bike streaking.

I’ll for sure still be biking regularly, but at least now I won’t feel pressured to do a quick ride around the block, just for the sake of a streak. Happy biking all!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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