#30daysofbiking… complete!

For the first year since I had heard about this challenge, I managed to get it done. If you’re not familiar, #30daysofbiking is a challenge where you pledge to ride your bike, even just a little bit, every single day of April. Most years I’m involved in early season trail races, and so I might start with good intentions, but the riding falls off the radar. This year though, partially thanks to the pandemic, I had a lot more time to get into the saddle every single day. Some days involved long adventures with my wife. Most others were just quick trips around the neighborhood. Sometimes I’d ride somewhere on an errand, but most of the time it was just for fun.

I also managed to take a picture every single day, except one. I put it all together into a small slideshow and put it on my YouTube channel. I just did an export of the simple Apple Photos Slideshow, but then brought it into DaVinci Resolve and added some simple titles and transitions. This also meant I had to re-import the audio track separately and add it so that it lined up with the titles.

Not bad for about 15 minutes of video work. The biking took a lot longer than 15 minutes. When all was said and done I ended up with just under 284 miles and just over 24 hours of saddle time.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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