And of course I get sick in the middle of a pandemic…

First, before anyone panics, it’s nothing related to COVID. Earlier this week I started getting a bit of a sore throat, and soon after developed a large white blob on one of my tonsils. No fever, no breathing issues, no cough. I talked with a nurse, and they said that I really should have a chat with my doctor. However, they’re not seeing patients in the clinics unless required, so they set up a video conference.

A little after 8am this morning I got on the call with my doctor and we talked through my symptoms. Because it was a video call I was even able to show him inside my mouth and illuminate the back of my throat, and he could directly see the area I was referring to. It’s a simple bacterial infection, so a 10 day course of antibiotics should clear it up. However, it’s never fun to have any type of symptom when everyone is on edge about COVID-19.

Yet, the really cool part of this story is how I was able to talk directly, face-to-face, with my doctor and even show him the issue. Because of the technology that we have available to us today it wasn’t that much different than going in to the doctor’s office. I had a thermometer so I was able to take my temperature, and strangely we also have an Oxygen sensor, so I could let him know those numbers as well. We were able to talk with the same candor that we always do and it felt pretty darn normal. He was able to call in the prescription, which I then picked up at a drive-thru window.

The world is probably going to change a lot when this is all said and done. We’re finally realizing how powerful our technology is. I’m really curious how this is going to change the very nature of work going forward.


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