Product review: Groove Life rings

My wife and I have wanted to get silicone based rings for a few years now, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. We’re avid outdoors people, and having something other than a band of metal on our fingers is a good option not just for nasty things like avulsion fractures, but general comfort.

We took our time deciding what to do and ended up going with Groove Life rings. The design we chose was their Tidal design, and we were able to get matching his/hers versions. They arrived last week and we’ve been wearing them since. We had been debating between Qalo and Groove Life, and in the end, the patterns we could get on Groove Life is what make us select them.

Now that we’ve had the rings for a few days I can report that they’re very comfortable and easy to wear. They’re lighter than metal, and I notice them less than my traditional ring. My wife went from having a ring with a stone, to just a band, and that’s made a huge difference for her when using her hands.

The rings seem nice and breathable, and they have channels on the inside to help with that. They feel very strong and resilient, despite being rather thin, but of course the real test will be in a year’s time. Sizing feels true, and they even have a little smartphone app you can download to ensure you get the correct size.

Finally, the pattern on the ring is a nice change. I can rotate the ring, or flip it the other direction, and change what I see on top of my hand. That’s a fun feature of having a ring like this that I didn’t expect.

Overall, very satisfied, and am looking forward to many years with this on my finger.


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