Movie Review: Knives Out

On Saturday we had a free evening, so we rented Knives Out. I’ve always been a fan of classic mysteries, and this one appeared to be in the vein of a good Agatha Christie. The plot revolves around the untimely death of Harlan Thrombey, a rich novelist, and the investigation into his dysfunctional family. When Detective Benoit Blanc is mysteriously hired to ferret out the truth, the ride begins.

I’ll keep this review brief, and spoiler free, as any mystery should be.

The all-star cast was amazing, and Daniel Craig as detective Blanc created a feeling that we were in a classic Hercule Poirot setting. He played the part of the eccentric, but brilliant investigator wonderfully, giving homage to the greats. The family was played by wonderful actors such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, and Don Johnson, all who brought life to characters that you both wanted to hate, yet pity.

The film is set in modern day, so it’s not a classic period piece, but that doesn’t distract much from the main setting, an old mansion. This setting is the typical one for a mystery like this, and they play with the space beautifully. When the plot requires a visit to the more modern world it can be a bit jarring, but soon enough you’re back to where you should be, the Thrombey mansion.

There’s not much to say without giving up clues, so I’ll simply say that this was well worth the rental. I appreciated the attention to details to keep the movie true to it’s roots as much as possible, yet give everything a new twist. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday evening.


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