The value of walking

Today we had a “manager lunch” where we all went to a restaurant downtown. I rode down with my co-workers, but after I was done eating I decided to walk back on my own. It’s not a long walk, and the temps are in the 20’s today with beautiful sun. The perfect day to spend a few extra minutes outside.

I love walking to get places, because often you see things that you never would find driving a car. Today, on my walk, I saw a sign for a little shop on Kellogg Blvd called Mademoiselle Miel. It has a sign out front that said OPEN and another that said “Chocolate”. I started to walk past, and then thought, “Why not, it might be interesting.”

What I discovered was this adorable little chocolate shop that sold very delicate and unique chocolate creations. This wasn’t Linder’s chocolates, but artisanal  creations that spoke to the creativity of the creator. I tried two different ones that sounded tasty, a Smoked Scotch and Honey truffle, and a Ginger Chai truffle.

They certainly lived up to their names, as each tasted as you would expect. The flavors were strong and bold, with a really nice chocolate covering. I’m not sure that they were quite up my alley when it comes to a sweet treat, but it was a fun experience to try. They had a bunch of other ones that maybe I’ll need to try some other day.

The key point to what I wanted to share, was that walking is often the best way to experience adventures like this. I would never have stopped my car and found a parking spot if I had been driving. When you’re in a city, that is full of hundreds of different things, you can never experience them fully in a car. But on foot I could make a spur of the moment decision to try something new.

I’m glad that I did.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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