Thanksgiving 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I realize that this year hasn’t nearly been as active as other years on the blog, but after three years of daily blogging, I needed a bit of a mental break. I don’t know that I’ll go back to daily blogging in 2019, but I might set up a specific schedule to start to move back towards more regular posting.

However, despite all of this, I still didn’t want to miss posting an annual Thanksgiving post. It’s easy for me to be thankful, because I was lucky enough to be born in a situation where, with hard work, I am able to achieve success in life. As we look at the situation around the world with refugees, and the rise of homelessness at home, it’s easy to forget just how lucky many of us are. I would encourage everyone who reads this to continue to be generous with charities that are trying to make a difference in your neighborhood and around the world.

I’m also very thankful this year for my friends and family who put up with my constant angst over my job and purpose in life. I’m truly blessed to have so many great people in my life that are willing to give me a safe space to process things, as well as bits of advice along the way. I don’t know what the future will hold, but I’m grateful for the support around me (especially my wife!).

Finally, I’m thankful for the wonderful communities that I’m a part of. Specifically the wonderful trail running communities here in Minnesota. The people I’ve met through this community have been amazing, and many of them have become close friends. They are some of the most supportive and encouraging people I know, and getting to reciprocate has been a true blessing.

So from Lisa and I, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and may you have a blessed holiday season!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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