Craziness of life

It’s been a crazy week with the new job, and getting adjusted. Schedules are different, I’m back to learning, and I’m back to being the low man on the totem pole. All in all it’s been a wild ride, both from a time perspective as well as an emotional one. Just getting used to a change like this takes mental energy, and so I’m feeling like I’m going to need some solid recovery time this weekend. It doesn’t help that at the end of the week I must have ate something wrong and my stomach has been rebelling a bit.

In addition to the job change, we also came to some decisions about our living situation. Recently, we’ve been going back and forth about if we are moving. It’s been another emotional roller coaster as we’ve looked at houses, brought in a stager to evaluate our house, and even gotten to the point of almost putting in an offer on another place (all while I’m starting a new job). As a part of this we had to start getting our current house fixed up and so our summer has now become a summer of house remodeling.

IMG_2587.jpgIn the end we’ve decided to stay where we’re at for a few more years, but we want to continue to make some changes to make it feel more like home. One of the first changes we made was to re-tile the entryway floor. It was completed earlier this week and came out great. We’re both incredibly happy with it and it gets us motivated to keep doing more projects. One of the bigger ones coming up is tearing down our basement drop ceiling. We don’t have a plan for what to replace it with, but for now we just want to get rid of the ugly fiberglass tiles. More on our house remodel in later posts…

For now, I’m just looking forward to getting through a very busy summer and not going crazy. I’m excited about every change that’s happening and all the things we’re doing. I just need to remember that the crazy won’t last forever. Good thing I have running and beer to help distract me.



Beer, running, and geeky things.

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