Avengers Infinity War

As soon as Avengers Infinity War hit the theaters I had to be careful what I clicked on in my social media threads. It seemed everywhere I went there was someone talking about the movie. I wanted to go in to this movie without reading any spoilers, and so it was important to me that we get to see it as soon as possible. That chance came on Sunday when we had the opportunity to visit the theater in St. Cloud, MN after a nice family lunch.

Even though I hate to do it, I need to delve in to spoiler territory to talk about this movie. So here is your warning…


One of the questions that I went in to this movie with was how many people were going to die. It’s been obvious that many of the actors want to stop making these films, or that their contracts are expiring. It’s hard to carry the physique of a superhero for ten years, and after a while, I know I’d get tired of playing the same part over and over.

Seeing Loki and Heimdall bite the dust right off the bat made me think that this was in fact going to be a bit of a bloodbath. However, after that tragic scene, we didn’t get another death until Gamora, and then Vision. For a movie that was hyping up a lot of character changes, four seemed like a really low number. Many people will point to the ending where Thanos disintegrates half the people in the universe, but this is a comic book after all and that type of large scale “death” will most certainly get reversed in the next movie.

Speaking of second movies, I had known all along that there would be a part 2, but they had downplayed the linkage between the two so much that I was holding out hope that perhaps this movie would have some level of resolution. That hope was securely dashed when after 2.5 hours, Thanos simply won.

I would say my biggest complaint about this film is the fact that after two and a half hours, it was still just another set-up for a resolution that is forthcoming. We’ve spent the last 10 years building and building towards this gigantic climax. To realize that I just spent an entire afternoon in what amounted to yet another set-up made me a little frustrated. I’m ready to wrap this up and move on.

Despite that complaint, I really can’t say anything bad about how this movie was put together. The acting was excellent, the storytelling was spot on, and the visual effects were impressive. It had everything that a great MCU superhero movie should have, and delivered it just as good as the first Avengers movie. It certainly a great way to spend 2.5 hours, even if you don’t get a resolution.

Unfortunately, we need to wait a bit longer for that resolution. There’s other movies coming out in between, including Captain Marvel which was hinted at during the post credits scene. Hopefully, the final conclusion will deliver on what will now be 11-12 years of building. It’s got a lot to live up to.


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