Returning to the scene

A week ago my wife and I got a message from our friend Mike. He had plans to take his wife downtown on Friday night and catch a show at the Dakota Jazz Club, and since the table he found, available, seated 4 people, he decided to surprise her by inviting us to show up. So around 6:30 we show up and totally surprise his wife Brook, and began a wonderful evening of music and food.

IMG_2165.jpgThe music for the evening was Davina and the Vagabonds. They were a fun group, and incredibly talented. They played a couple sets that ranged from soulful jazz to rocking New Orleans big band. They mixed in classic covers with originals, and created a unique and original show that I’d happily go see again.

This was also a fun return to a place I haven’t been in decades. The last time that I went to the Dakota Jazz Club it was 1995 and I had just turned 21. My friend Michael took me out for a beer and we ended up at the old Saint Paul location of the Dakota. It was a much different time in my life, but it felt cool to make a return to a fun place that I hadn’t been to forever. In fact it has Lisa and I talking more about hitting shows around town more frequently.



Beer, running, and geeky things.

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