Changing taste buds

I started drinking coffee regularly in my late 20’s to early 30’s. When I first started drinking coffee I tended towards darker brews with rich flavor. However, for decades, I would add a little bit of cream and sugar to my drink. Often my flavor of choice was a nice French Vanilla creamer. I’m a person who loves the contract of flavors, which is why I love things like sour cream and spicy together.

I’ve had to switch to decaf for the past 10 years of so, but I still have a regular cup of coffee every morning. However, lately, my tastes in my coffee have markedly changed. For almost a year now, all I get in my morning coffee is two packets of stevia sweetener, and that’s it. Partly because I’m trying to control calories, I started to skip the cream in my coffee. Now, I’ve gotten so used to it, that I don’t think I’d even want to put cream in my regular coffee, even if I had the option.

It’s weird to see how tastes change as we get older. Maybe my buds just aren’t as sensitive anymore. The ever changing things you discover as you get old…


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