Testing the sled harness

On Sunday the temps rose in to the mid teens, and I was feeling antsy, so it was a perfect time to pull out my new sled harness and give it a go at Elm Creek. As luck would have it there was a beautiful light snowfall all afternoon, and so I added the weight of my camera bag to my sled bag, so that I could take a few pics while I hiked.

The temps were perfect, and I ended up needing to strip off one of the layers I had on top. At about the 5 mile mark I stopped and pulled out my camera and took some shots for the album linked below. It was so calm and peaceful I didn’t want to leave, but I knew I had to get moving again or I’d end up getting quite chilled. I packed back up and hiked back the final two miles.

It ended up being a good workout as well, since as the day went on the snow got deeper and deeper. By the end my sled was pushing a lot of fresh powder and feeling heavier than the 15-20 lbs I had loaded it up with. All in all an amazing day and I’m so happy I had a chance to get out and experience it.




Beer, running, and geeky things.

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