Merry Christmas 2017

It’s Christmas time again and at times it feel weird that the year is almost done. However, it also feels like 2017 has been dragging along forever. This year Christmas is a mostly quiet affair for us. We’re hitting the Chinese buffet for Christmas Eve dinner, and then Christmas Day is visiting the casino with my mother-in-law. Most of Christmas Eve was spent quietly playing with new toys and gifts.

It’s weird to see the tiny amount of gifts under the tree this year, but in general the kids are all interested in things that are small. I’m kinda happy for this, since that means a lot less stuff to clutter up the house. I did manage to put together some cool stockings stuffed with candy and treats. I even toss in some lightsaber pencils.

I’m thankful for quiet holidays. It forces me to slow down and rest a bit, because there’s little I can do or get done. I have to just be quiet and let the day happen. My plan is to write some blog entries to finish out the years with, and try not to eat all the sugary items in the house right now. I have a feeling there will be a weight loss resolution in 2018.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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