Package thefts

There’s been a rash of package thefts this holiday season, with brazen thieves walking up to houses during the day and grabbing boxes off the front steps. This is despite the fact that many people have security cameras of their front porches. It’s funny to watch the videos of these idiots who think they’re getting away with stuff, and then have their picture flashed across local media.

However, I’ve chosen a different way to avoid all of this. I’ve started using the Amazon Locker system. With this system you have Amazon deliver your package to a pre-determined shipping locker in your neighborhood. You get an email with a barcode that allows you to open a single locker door at the site, and voila, you have your package. There are multiple lockers in my area, all just a very short drive away.

The peace of mind, knowing that I don’t have to sit around home to wait for a package, or worry that it’s been stolen, is well worth it. Sure, I have to drive down to the grocery store to retrieve my package, but I can usually time it for when I’m out running errands anyway. Even if I’m not, it’s still worth it for the peace of mind of knowing that my stuff isn’t going to get wreaked by the weather or taken.

If you haven’t checked out the service, see if there’s one in your area. It’s a great way to get packages delivered with very little hassle, and little stress.


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