The winter blahs

Tuesday morning I got up early to go for my typical Tuesday morning run, but shortly after starting I could tell it just wasn’t clicking. Within about a half a mile everything felt like crap and I knew that if I tried to push through to 3 miles I’d feel even worse. So I ducked off on a side street and took a shortcut home, accomplishing just over a mile.

It feels like we’re getting into that time of year when everything just feels blah. The days are shorter and darker. The air is cold, and our bodies haven’t adjusted fully. It makes doing anything but curling up with a blanket on the couch and watching Netflix a chore. I know it will pass, but it does remind me every year about how hard it is to keep motivated to keep exercising through the winter. I think the darkness plays the biggest part.

At least I have the holidays to look forward to, and it looks like all the various schedules are working out. Now that the kids are older, the act of celebrating a holiday ON the day isn’t as big a deal. It’s looking like we’ll probably hit a Chinese buffet for dinner on Thanksgiving evening again, and then go for a walk on the Friday after Thanksgiving to contribute to #OptOutside.

Soon it will be Christmas and we’ll be celebrating the completion of another year, and another year of daily blogging. It’s about time to start thinking about what’s in store next.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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