A quick Lightroom check-in

So after my positive thoughts on the new Lightroom CC paradigm last week, I came across one little snag that has be stuck in no-man’s land. When you migrate your catalog over to Lightroom CC from Classic, it needs to send all your photos to the cloud. If you’re like me, this take a long time.

However, I’ve run into one big issues: Lightroom CC does not allow you to throttle your upload or download speeds. That means that it will completely saturate your pipe trying to upload thousands of photos as quickly as it can. In many cases, on cable modem systems, you can end up killing your internet access completely. So now I’m stuck with a catalog that I can’t fully sync.

Thankfully, Lightroom Classic is still working for me, however it also too seems to want to send a ton of photos to the cloud, and it’s taking days to do so. Hopefully, eventually, Adobe will get this fixed and I’ll be able to simply trickle my photos up over the course of a week in the Lightroom CC app. However, if you’re like me and don’t have a fiber connection to your house, I’d hold off on migrating right now.


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