Lightroom CC

Today Adobe announced their new Lightroom CC line, which is the next generation of Lightroom products. I’ve been a Lightroom user for many years, and it’s my go-to product for photography needs. I’ve managed to do amazing edits with it, and salvage some photos that haven’t come out great. It’s a workhorse of a tool and a staple of photographers everywhere.

The new version is a web integrated version that stores you entire library in the cloud, up to 1TB at the entry level. This storage includes all edits to the photo as well, meaning you can start editing on one platform, and then pick up your phone and continue editing right where you left off. Because it’s only syncing the deltas in text format, Adobe claims it’s a tiny amount of data that you’re moving back and forth.

The new desktop client is a more robust version of the mobile apps, with a lot of the traditional features, although it’s missing a few key items from what they are now calling the “classic” version. Namely, import presets and export plug-ins are missing from this lighter version. Hopefully, those will find their way in sooner rather than later. Otherwise, all of the typical editing tools are present, and you can do all the edits you’re used to on any platform.

The beauty of this is the ability to move from platform to platform seamlessly. This includes enhancements to an already robust web version. This means that no matter what platform I’m on, phone, tablet, Chromebook, or full desktop version, and everything is the same, complete with all the power I need. It’s an amazing time to be a photographer, and the digital imaging revolution continues full steam ahead.



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