The craziness of Star Wars

The final trailer for Episode 8 dropped, and I have mixed feelings about watching it. I felt like it might have shown me a bit more than I wanted to see. However, having only seeing it once, I’m going to avoid going back to it so as to be more surprised by the movie when it comes out.

Speaking of when the movie comes out… tickets also went on sale. My friend Michael started to put together a group to get tickets, and it showed just how crazy Star Wars mania is. We wanted to see it at a theater near our houses but that one was pretty much already sold out. We then started hunting for other places to go, and after a bunch of fits and starts, we found a theater that has a showing at a decent time, and had enough seats open for a medium sized group.

It’s crazy that we’re two months ahead of the film, and theaters are already selling out. That’s crazy, but that’s Star Wars.


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