Time to go electric?

I recently test drove a new model of the VW Tiguan, a car I really like driving. I would really love to get one in the next year or so as my kids get older and graduate, but there’s something that keeps showing up on my news feed to make me thinks twice… the rise of the electric car.

Today, there was yet another article about a location considering banning internal combustion vehicles. This time it’s California; as it tries to fight pollution from it’s over-sprawled and car-centric culture. There have been similar announcements from European countries, and most surprisingly China. All of these places are seeking to end the reign of the gas guzzler sometime in my lifetime.

That brings me to thinking that perhaps it’s time to pause briefly and wait for the inevitable explosion of electric cars to arrive. Now that multiple governments have made it apparent where the future lies, it’s going to be a race to overhaul the market. Every manufacturer is announcing their electric plans, because this is one competition that no automaker wants to be late to the game for. If you’re leading this market, you’ve got a much smaller group of competitors to deal with.

VW has announced that they will be turning their entire line over to electric by 2030, and it appears that they will have the start of a very robust line by 2020. So perhaps it’s time to just keep the gas guzzler going as long as I can, until I can join the future with an all-electric vehicle.


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