Food truckin’

I’m working in Minneapolis today so I decided to walk down to the food truck alley (2nd Ave S) and see what I could find. It’s absolutely crazy how much the food truck craze has grown. There were dozens of trucks lined up along the street, butting right up against each other. The proprietors could literally walk from the backdoor of their truck onto the hood of the truck behind them, they are jammed in that tight.

I ended up doing a duck bacon grilled cheese BLT from a truck called Chicks on Wheels. As good as the sandwich was, the homemade, warm, potato chips were even more awesome. It was a toss up for me between this truck, and another one down the street that was doing some BBQ pulled pork. In the end, I’m happy with my choice. Despite being a warm day, I’m not sure there’s ever a bad day for a walk to a food truck bonanza.



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