The beer count fail

As many of you know I enjoy recording my beer in the Untappd app. It’s a fun way to keep track of what you’ve tried before, and rack up badges for doing various beer drinking related tasks.

I haven’t had any beer related tourism in the past month or so, and do I decided to hit the big box liquor store to do a make-your-own-6-pack. That way I could boost my unique beer count a bit and catch up to my friend Michael. I loaded up my pack with beers that I didn’t recognize, and then headed home to crack them open over the next couple weeks.

However, when I went to go check in the first beer, it turns out I had already had it. Oh well, no biggie, it was still an enjoyable beer. Later I go to crack open a second one and, crap, I’ve had this one too! So it turns out that I’ve had a lot more beers on tap at restaurants than I remember. When you get them in a restaurant you have no idea what the can or bottle looks like. What looked new to me was only because I hadn’t had it in that packaging before.

Oh well, hopefully the other four will be new ones to me. I need to schedule another trip to hit some places I haven’t hit before. Any excuse to travel is a good one, but beer tourism is a nice perk.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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