Backpack or bag

For many, many, years I’ve used a briefcase/messenger bag to haul my stuff back and forth to work. In the past couple of years I’ve settled on a really nice bag from Swissgear that carries everything I have, without being too large. However, in recent months, as my walk from my car or bus has gotten longer, I’m starting to feel like a one-shoulder bag might not be the best option.

Both of my offices now require a walk, either from a parking lot many blocks away, or from a bus/train stop. This means I’m carrying around my laptop and other sundries on one shoulder, switching when I feel one side getting tired. As I’m getting older I’m starting to think that perhaps it’s time to go back to my youth… and get a backpack. I know a lot of my co-workers use backpacks, but I haven’t used one for commuting for many years. They’ve always seemed like something that you use for school, and not for work, but more and more lately I’m seeing professionals with them everywhere I go.

That brings me to the point of this post. What do you use? Are you a backpack person or a bag? What model do you use and love?



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4 thoughts on “Backpack or bag

  1. I currently use a shoulder bag, but whenever I need to bring my work laptop home I either use my backpack from grad school 😂 or I use a second laptop bag, which is not as comfortable. Go for the backpack!

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