More Adobe mobile tools

I recently had need to do some cheesy photoshop manipulation of a photo for a fun post for UMTR. All I had available to me was my phone, so I did a quick search to see if Adobe had any tools that might help me. Sure enough I found one that fit the bill 100%: Photoshop Mix.

This app for phone or tablet, allows you to manipulate photos, creating layers, and mixing different elements to create unique creations. The beauty of it is that it’s all touch enabled, making it workable even on a small screen. For the work I was doing I needed to cut out a few different elements from their backgrounds and put them together. I was able to zoom and use my finger to trace the outline without much trouble. It took a few tries to get it exactly like I wanted, but the end result was worth it.

The depth of capabilities in Adobe’s mobile tools is amazing. They have really upped their game when it comes to what you can do on a small device, or even just a webpage.

If you have a need to do some quick manipulations, check out Photoshop Mix. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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