That regular place

Something I lamented about in the past was how much I love having that “regular” place to hang out and have a beer. When we were in Grand Marais for a week, I loved going to Voyageur Brewing every day after work to have a bit of beer and a snack before we headed out to dinner. You get to know the people there, and it becomes just a really nice way to wind down after the work day. The surrounding becomes comfortable and relaxing, and you stop worrying about if they have “yet another new beer you haven’t tried”. Unfortunately, our neighborhood doesn’t have one of those places yet, and so I’m left wanting.

One thing that I have been doing is starting to hit a place in downtown Minneapolis on the one day a week when I work down there. Inbound brewing company started it’s life as Lucid brewing, but changed it’s name when it moved into the North Loop. They have a beautiful taproom, and the beer and bike group that I ride with often will stop by there, especially if we need a backup place for some reason.

It’s nice to end the day with a quick drink in a comfortable place. Usually it’s just a small 4oz taster, since I need to catch a train to get home very shortly after work, but it’s more about “being” someplace on a regular basis. Getting a chance to just unwind for a few moments and feel like you’re in a neighborhood place. A comforting space, with friendly faces can do wonders to make you feel relaxed.

Hopefully, one day I’ll live somewhere with a nice brewery and taproom nearby that I can partake of on a regular basis. Until then, at least I have my once-a-week regular hangout spot.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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