Sunday Sales!

This past Sunday, I did something I have never been able to do in the State of Minnesota. I went into a liquor store and legally bought beer (more than 3.2% ABV) on a Sunday. With the repeal of the Sunday Sales prohibition we can now let liquor stores decide for themselves what makes the most sense for their business. I’ve been involved in this whole mess for a long time, and it was about time to see it pass by the wayside.

This was a perfect weekend for Sunday sales to kick in, since my Saturday was jam packed with a race, moving my step-son, and my tattoo. I had zero time to hit a liquor store to get anything for guests coming over on Sunday. I also specifically made a point to shop at my local municipal liquor store, as they were some of the businesses most concerned about Sunday sales. My local muni has a great selection of craft beer, and the fact that I can visit them on a Sunday now, makes me want to support them even more.

One hilarious part to this whole saga though, is the box that they sent me home with when I bought my beer. It’s the box pictured below… for Zima. Now, Zima and I go back a loooong way together. My friend Michael and I used to drink it in college on occasion, because we were young, college-aged, and impressed by stupid food coloring tricks. It had a unique flavor to say the least. It thankfully died out in 2008, but I guess it came back for a special 2017 run.

Thankfully, this box was filled with much better beer than that… purchased on a Sunday.



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