I feel that I need to make a brief statement here on this blog about the events of Wednesday. A gunman with a grudge against Trump and the Republicans, attacked a gathering of politicians while they were practicing for a charity softball tournament. Very quickly after the gunman was identified, the media went sifting through his online persona and discovered an individual who was very angry about Trump and the Republican leadership of the country.

As a self-professed progressive/liberal, I feel like I need to speak out that this man, in no way, represents those who believe in liberal ideals. In fact, his actions are the complete opposite of what it means to be a progressive. Dialogue and the betterment of society is the ideal of progressivism, and violence, which only begets more violence, will never have a place in civil democracy. I’m at the front of the line as a person who wants to see Trump and the Republicans no longer in power. That in no way implies that any of them should be shot.

I worry for the future of our country when every day seems to spark more divisiveness in our society. It feels like every day brings news of yet another new clash of ideas. Diversity of thought can be a powerful asset to an enlightened society, or it can be the first step in the downfall of a world superpower. I pray for enlightenment.


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One thought on “Unjustified

  1. The problem is I don’t think “liberal” and “progressive” are the same thing any more. Much as l other movements which inspire passion, it’s been co-opted by those who share passion without the associated ideals.

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