Judge CR Magney State Park

One of the other parks that I got to hit on my visit to Grand Marais was Judge CR Magney State Park. Unlike at Grand Portage, my hike was much shorter and much more worth it. There are two falls at Magney that are worth walking to. It’s about a 1 mile hike to the farthest one, Devil’s Kettle.

Devil’s Kettle is a somewhat famous waterfall here in Minnesota because of the mystery surrounding it. At the top of the falls, the water splits into two different paths. The path on the right (in the pictures) fall down into the river below as normal. The path on the left however, disappears. Because of the volume of water going over the falls, my picture below makes it hard to tell the difference between the sides, but this article from MPR earlier this year explaining where the water goes, has a good shot that highlights the two different sides. It’s a strange phenomena and really cool to look at.

DSC04245.jpgI also made a stop at the middle falls which was a lot of fun. The rock outcropping allows you to stand in the misting of the water as it splashes down hard on the rocks below. I wish it had been just a tiny bit warmer, but it was still fun and refreshing.

DSC04237.jpgI’ve included some other shots in the gallery below from the hike. CR Magney is a beautiful park, and was a lot of fun to hike around.


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