The beauty of a typo

We’ve all done it. When we’re typing on our small phone keyboards we have a hard time being exact and we miss the keys that we’re typing. That was the purpose behind the development of autocorrect. Our phones and computers contain all the wealth of the English language and try to help us when we don’t get our spelling or grammar quite right.

That’s why it was so funny when President Trump made a horrendous typo that contained the “word” covfefe. A classic typo that his Android phone couldn’t figure out, but he didn’t double check before pressing send. What erupted was one of the most rapid internet responses I’ve ever seen. People from all over the spectrum started tweeting the word, asking what it could mean…. (it obviously was supposed to be the word coverage).

People have spent way too much time talking about all the jokes that came about from this, but what I wanted to mention was how, for just a moment, we all came together and had a good laugh. Even Trump got in on it, and hopefully got a good chuckle at himself. It’s so rare in this divisive political world to realize that we’re all human and we all love a good laugh. Maybe, just for a bit, the gods of the internet should bless us with a miracle of removing our autocorrect. Maybe, just maybe, some of the humor that results will help remind us that we’re all in this together, and we’re all part of the human race.


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