Easter Vegas vacation, day 3

Our third day in Vegas was a bit quieter. Our large family group headed out to Lake Mead for a brunch cruise on a paddleboat. This tour brings you around Lake Mead, and over to the backside of Hoover Dam. In the past when we’ve taken this tour there has been a presentation about the history of the lake. However, this time it was simply a brunch cruise with time to visit with family. One of the fun highlights before the cruise was getting to see some waterfowl and fish that congregate around the entrance to the docks. They get fed quite often and so they come very close to the walkway, making for some fun pictures.

IMG_0820After a nice leisurely cruise we decided to also stop off at the Lake Mead Visitor Center nearby. My wife and I collect pins and patches from all the parks and sites that we visit, and so we wanted to add to our collection. The visitor center was fun, with a large scale model of the entire valley area, and information on how it was all formed. We take our lakes for granted in Minnesota, but out in the desert they rare and valued.

IMG_0828After our stop at the visitor center we headed home for a bit of rest and a nap. The evening activity consisted of church, and then a visit to a local casino. That sounds weird when I type it out like that, but that’s pretty much what we did. Since we had been sticking with family for much of the trip we hadn’t been to one yet, and decided that a stop off at my mother-in-law’s favorite casino was in order. We stuck around for an hour or so, and lost a bit of money before heading home for one final morning away from home.



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