New Star Wars Trailer!

Nothing says excitement like the dropping of a new Star Wars trailer. This week the big Star Wars celebration in Orlando is taking place, and first we were treated to a wonderful tribute to Carrie Fisher. I know a few eyes welled up with tears watching that one. She was an amazingly funny person, and dealt with incredible struggles in her life. The fact that she was able to revive Leia Organa one last time before her passing was special and powerful. I wouldn’t hold it against filmmakers to want to use her digital likeness, but hopefully it will always be tastefully done.

The big news on Friday though was the first teaser trailer for The Last Jedi. Obviously, the trailer doesn’t show much, but it was cool to see young Rey learning how to be a jedi in a remote location like Luke did so many decades ago. You see a bit of a training montage with her practicing her Force skills, and swinging a lightsaber around. They top it off with some ominous voiceovers about the light and the dark.

It looks like we might get some cool space battles as well. There were scenes of some frigate style ships around a large planet with fighters dancing around them. As I’ve mentioned before I always feel like J J Abrams shrinks the universe too much. The small space battles in Force Awakens left me wanting a bit I’m ready for a big epic battle on a field of stars with only one planet in sight. Hopefully, The Last Jedi will deliver on this.

My only question is seeing Finn apparently still gravely wounded. He was a fun character and I hope that he gets a chance to do more than just lay there until the third film. As much as I liked Rey, I was kind rooting for him to also toss out some Force powers and join the ranks of the Jedi. Either way, I’m excited to see how his character develops.

It’s a long way till Christmas, but this certainly gets us excited for what is to come.



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