Top of the hill

One of the places that I run regularly is the horse trails at Elm Creek Park. I love this 7 mile loop, as it has a bunch of hills, but it isn’t too brutal on the legs. It’s also a double wide track so it’s easy to run in a group and carry on conversations if you’re so inclined. This past weekend I snapped a pick from on top of one of the big hills on the west side of the park that we call “prairie hill”. There’s a big downhill right before you make a sharp right turn and head up to the top again. When you’re at the top you’re surrounded by some prairie, and you have a great view of the rest of the park off to the east.

I realized that I’ve snapped a picture at the top of this hill many times, including this past week. This most recent shot has a nice blow-out from the sun that gives it a nice majestic feel. I’ve included a couple other shots from this spot below as well.



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