Neutered coffee

It’s weird how something that approaches an addiction, can stick with you even when the point of it is nullified. For many years I was a huge coffee drinker, and would drink tons of caffeine every day. I even made a cute little video about how to brew with a french press coffee maker.

Then in 2007 I was hit with a weird neurological/anxiety/dizziness mystery, and ever since then I’ve had to cut caffeine out of my diet. I’ve had issues when I’ve been given the wrong drink in the morning, and even ended up in the Emergency Room one time because I wasn’t sure if it was a caffeine issue or my other problems. Yet… I can’t give up drinking coffee.

Ever since 2007 I’ve been on a decaf only diet, and although it has a tiny bit of caffeine, it doesn’t seem to affect me enough to matter. Many of my friends tease me about not drinking real coffee, and I wish I could, but I prefer to not have weird episodes in the middle of my day. Therefore, I stick with my decaf, but just like the old days, I’m often downing 2-3 cups per day as I work. The habit of getting coffee throughout the day has become so ingrained in my daily routine that I crave it when I don’t have it.

The thing is, I’m not craving the caffeine. I’m craving the act of drinking coffee. Sitting at my desk with a cup is simply how I work. I type for a while, and take a sip, then type some more. I feel weird when I don’t have it, and I seek it out multiple times per day. I wish my work had a decent coffee machine, but instead I make the trek through the skyway to the local shops, and patronize some small business owners.

I have to imagine that there are other coffee drinkers like myself, relegated to the realm of decaf, and it’s lack of flavor choices, but still drinking it like they did before. Perhaps we can all start a support group to band together against those that would make fun of us for only drinking “neutered joe”. Or at least we can all give each other a hug while we wait for our decaf at the local coffeehouse….


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