Great British Baking Show

Netflix is continually updating its catalog, and recently they’ve been adding more seasons of the Great British Baking Show. My wife and I have watched a season of this before, and it’s one of the most delightful cooking shows I’ve ever seen. Thirteen contestants move through various baking challenges on their way to becoming the final champion of the season.

It’s a very sedate show, with bits of humor, and without all of the reality TV show drama of other cooking shows. The contestants all genuinely seem to like each other (for the most part), and are sad when one of them leaves. I also like the fact that the show allows the bakers to practice their bakes during the week leading up to the episode. This means that when you see someone attempting something amazing, you know that they’ve had a chance to perfect it, and it wasn’t just dumb luck. Many other cooking shows involve cooking lessons for the contestants, but they never reveal this. Then you’re amazed at how suddenly a couple dozen people know how to make a complex pasta of some variety. They’ve been practicing it all week. The only exception in the Great British Baking Show is during the skills challenge when the contestants must decipher a recipe, highlighting a certain skill, and make it in a short period of time.

In the Great British Baking Show you get to see bakers trying their best to impress the two judges, all the while under the watchful eyes of two very funny hosts. I was sad to hear that new seasons will involve different hosts, and at least one different judge, as the producers have chosen to take the show in a new direction. For now though, I have Netflix, and can enjoy all the wonderful baked goodness of a classic cooking competition, that focuses on the cooking more than the drama.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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