Review: REI Waterproof Insulated Hat

As I’ve talked about before, I’ve been on the lookout for a different winter hat. I’ve tried a few different ones this winter, and despite enjoying my big, fluffy, ear-flap hat, it always was a bit of a hassle in terms of size. I often just stick my hat in my coat pocket, and the larger hat was awkward to squish in there. A few weeks ago I was at REI, and I found a different style of hat that had ear flaps, and as a bonus, also had a brim.

The REI Insulated Waterproof Hat ended up giving me exactly what I was looking for. It’s very warm, and has flaps that come down over my ears to protect them. It’s made of a soft, fleece material on the inside which performs better than knit hats when my scalp gets bristly. I still get some ‘stick’, but it’s easier to deal with than knit.

As a bonus, this hat is waterproof, which has come in handy during some of the wet and rainy days that we’ve had during this winter. The outer material dries quickly and kept my head nice and dry. With a brim on the cap, I also kept water (and sun) out of my eyes. When I’m done wearing the hat, it fits into my jacket pocket easily, much like a simple knit cap.

It’s currently out of stock, which I assume is just for the season, but if you happen to see any in your local REI store, I would highly recommend grabbing one.


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