Because Science is geeky

One of my little YouTube pleasures is a series from Nerdist called Because Science. It’s a fun little show where Kyle Hill presents science facts about geeky things. He sets up a hypothesis at the beginning of each segment, often based on a question from a viewer, and then tests it using various elements of math, physics and chemistry. It’s nice and short (<10 minutes usually) so you don’t need to commit hours to watch it, which fits perfectly in the YouTube world. One of the most recent editions in this was his examination of if The Flash is faster than the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler. However, his latest is about the physics of Kirby sucking up human sized objects.

Kyle is also the host of a show called Mythbusters: The Search, which is a competition show to find the next Mythbusters. It’s yet another thing I need to add to my watch list, as it looks like a fun way to present science concepts, which is what Mythbusters was all about. For now though, I encourage you to check out the playlist embedded above and have fun with some cool science facts and geeky knowledge.



Beer, running, and geeky things.

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