Making real news happen

With the current assault on common sense happening with our president, it’s important that as a citizenry we don’t fall victim to the campaign hysteria that propelled this chaos into power. One of the most troubling aspects of the current administration is it’s desire to de-legitimize journalism. The constant attacks against news agencies that are reporting the truth is, frankly, scary and leads us down a dangerous path. One of the biggest success stories in American history is the free press. From the dawn of our country, the ability of the press to present facts and challenge power has helped our country to avoid devolving into authoritarianism and dictatorship.

Now, our current president has choson to attack legitimate news sources, for the simple fact that they do not agree with his desired beliefs, nor do they promote his agenda. This is downright chilling, and it’s something that every American (liberal or conservative) needs to fight against. When people in power feel that they can spread complete fantasy with impunity (like the notion that something bad happened in Sweden this weekend), they move another step closer to consolidating power and crushing freedom.

Therefore, it’s imperative that free and legitimate press is supported, now more than ever. My wife and I just purchased a subscription to the Washington Post, and we’re sustaining members of our local public radio station. I’m also looking into other opportunities to support professional journalists as they fight against this tide of misinformation, and bring truth to power. It doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, allowing people in power to twist reality will lead to the destruction of our country.

Journalists are not the enemy. Real news sources, with fact-checked stories and legitimate sources, are the antidote to corrupt politicians. On this President’s Day, join me in supporting the 4th estate; the institution that has kept our Presidents honest for hundreds of years.


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