Games for a cause

One of the coolest things of the modern era is how gaming and giving have come together. Organizations like Extra Life, Child’s Play, and Humble Bundle are just a few of the better known places that mix people’s love of gaming with giving back to the community. Even some of my family members have participated in marathon gaming events to raise money for various causes.

This was all brought to my attention again today when I saw that Humble Bundle was offering a Freedom Bundle. This bundle of games is slightly different, in that every cent of it goes towards supporting the ACLU, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee. For a minimum contribution of $30 you get access to a ton of great indie games, as well as some books and audio books. It’s a tremendously good deal, and it goes to support the rights and freedoms of people throughout our country and the world.

This type of gaming for a cause is an excellent example of social entrepreneurship, something I’ve studied in the past, and it makes my heart smile when I see it work so well. I have no idea when you’re reading this blog, but if these groups are still around, I’d encourage supporting them if you love helping others and playing games. It’s an awesome way to give back and have fun at the same time.


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