Enjoying a day off

I work in a job that gives me Martin Luther King Jr. Day off from work, and since my wife has to work I have the time to myself. I’ve had a relaxing day so far, starting with a good workout at the gym. My workout schedule got a little messed up this week and so I never did my legs workout on Sunday like I’m supposed to. Therefore, this morning included both legs and arms.

Once I got done at the gym it was time to get cleaned up, grab some coffee, and head over to my friend’s house where he was doing some homebrew. We got to sit and hang out in his slightly chilly garage while the grains slowly turned themselves into wort, which will be beer in a couple weeks. It was a good time to sit and chat and hang out for a morning.

I then got to spend lunch with my wife, going to one of her favorite restaurants a mere 30 second drive from her office. I had a nice brat and a beer while we chatted about life. I then decided to head over to Silverwood Park (where I am writing this) and take advantage of their coffee shop and tables to get some blogging done. One of the perks of hitting Silverwood for a coffee is the view of the frozen lake and barren trees that make up the park grounds. It’s a beautiful winter scene.

I’m planning to go for a walk around the park before heading home and getting ready to pick up one of my kids for the week. I need to get my head back into the game for the upcoming week at work, which means an early bedtime and an attempt at a run Tuesday morning. That run might get canceled though if we get yet another ice storm overnight. I just wish this winter would dump snow on us instead.

All in all, a nice quiet way to spend a day off.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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