Merry Christmas 2016

As I write this entry on Christmas Eve, the family has just finished opening presents. We’re settling in for a relaxing evening, eventually watching the Polar Express (we watched Elf earlier today). I always love a nice quiet Christmas Eve together as a family.

It seems that every year that I get older, Christmas changes from the year before. When I was newly married, and the kids were young, the pattern seemed set forever. However, through divorce, and the fact that kids get older, traditions change. What doesn’t change is the warmth of getting to be together as a family and seeing everyone enjoy the generosity of others. The kids are always grateful for what we get them, even if it’s only a few select things.

We’ve started a new tradition this year of hitting a Chinese buffet on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. It was a spur of the moment idea on Thanksgiving, but with picky teenage eaters it’s a great way to have bunch of food that everyone likes. The buffet near us is huge and clean, so that makes it enjoyable for all of us, and it makes cleanup easy.

I’m realizing that I’m rambling, so I’ll just end this short entry with a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of you. The year is drawing to a close, and soon 2016 will be a distant memory. For now, enjoy time with friends and family.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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