First impressions: LEGO Avengers

The youngest spawn and I have started our next LEGO game together, this time the LEGO Avengers game. This game is set during the Age of Ultron movie, however, many of the levels are actually flashbacks to other Marvel movies. In the first few levels we’ve gone back to the first Avengers movie as well as the 1940’s Captain America movie. I’m not sure how many other side-trips we’ll be taking, but part of me feels like they could have made a nice really large game, akin to the Star Wars LEGO Complete Collection games if they would have given each movie a bit more time.

Despite that, I’m really happy to see that they kept the more familiar art style from LEGO Batman 3. It’s crisp, clean and easy to read. Additionally, there are very few differences from the classic LEGO game model. Perhaps the biggest one being the addition of multi-moves. These allow you to partner with the other character to do a huge slamming move on the big bad guys. It wasn’t totally intuitive at first, but it’s a ton of fun.

We’ve only completed a couple levels, but I feel like we’re having more fun than with LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens. I could see us going back and trying to 100% this one, unlike TFA. Right now though we’re having fun unlocking characters and playing to some really fun movie scenes.


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