No shave November

Most years I go along with the tradition of not shaving in November. I don’t do it for any charity or anything like that, but mostly just to give my head a rest. It’s always interesting to see how much hair I don’t have on my head by the end of the month, as my receding hairline seems to get thinner every year. It’s also odd needing to use shampoo during this month, since my hair is just long enough to need it. For a brief time every year my head smells like coconut.

Next week it comes to an end however. I’m considering trying some of those dedicated head razors. I’ve been nicking myself quite a bit lately, and I’d rather avoid spilling any more blood on the back of my head. It’s may sound odd, but there are a large segment of men who would happily undergo a treatment that removes our hair permanently, as opposed to all these baldness treatments that are going around. I’m sure whatever they’d come up with it wouldn’t be the healthiest option though…


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