Creating space

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things that I enjoy doing. This past weekend when I put on a fatass race at the local park it really drove home the point that I passionately love creating a space for people to have meaningful experiences in. After the race, as we drove up north, I couldn’t contain how fulfilled I felt. I loved being able to create something that gave people a memory that they will carry with them in their lives. Not because I want to be famous or praised for doing something great (though kudos are greatly appreciated), but because I really want to give people something to remember.

I’ve always known this about myself to some degree, but my ‘life contemplations’ this year have really started to make it all come together in my head. In many ways I think that this passion of mine is why I wanted to become a pastor when I was younger. I love the idea of creating a space and time where people can experience something that is meaningful to them. It’s why I was so heavily drawn into the liturgical practices with their structure and depth. Many, many years ago when I was in a small group Bible study, I would make up little liturgy sheets for us to do at the end of the study time with prayers and litanies. I loved giving people those memorable moments.

It’s also probably why at various times in my life I’ve thought about how neat it would be to create a coffee shop or brewery for people to gather in. I know first hand how meaningful time in places like that have been to me, giving space to commune with other people, or write and contemplate things on my own. I always feel grateful to those who create those spaces for me, and want to find ways to pay it forward.

The Wednesday night Beer and Bikes group that I participate with is another example where I love to gather with others and get some exercise and enjoy a time and place for engagement with others. It’s also why I love gathering for group runs on the weekend. Even if I don’t run with someone the whole time, it’s the idea that we’re all out there on the trails together, experiencing a shared memory of space and time.

Putting on the fatass this weekend really helped open my eyes to how important this creation of space and memory is to me, not just right now, but throughout my entire life. I’m not sure where I take it next, but it certainly adds a new dynamic to my thoughts about the future.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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