Nintendo Classic

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced a new classic game system. For $60 you get a mini-NES with updated controllers, and 30 pre-loaded games. It all hooks up to your HDMI TV and allows you to save games, unlike most NES games from years gone by. When this was announced, everyone was incredibly excited about it, as it was a great way to get to play classic NES games without dealing with emulators and ROMs, or old cartridges that might not work.

I happened to have today off of work for Veteran’s Day, so at 8am the wife and I wandered into Target to see if we could find one. We headed to the electronic section and were informed that there was a line at the other entrance to the store, and that it started over an hour before opening. Since they only had 12 units in stock, they were gone before the line even got much past the sidewalk.

Needless to say, this reminded me about how the original Wii was so scarce and hard to find right away. I’m not too torn up though since I’m sure I can find one eventually. Might have to wait till after the holidays but it’s not like we don’t have enough methods of entertainment in the house already anyway.


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