LEGO Batman 3 redux

A couple weeks ago my youngest son and I played through the LEGO Batman 2 game on our old Xbox 360. As we were talking about all the different characters that are in the third version of the game it made me nostalgic for when I played through that game on my computer. Since LEGO Batman 3 is a few years old, I was able to find a copy for our Wii U pretty cheap online, and ordered it.

The past couple of weeks we’ve been playing through 1-2 levels per night, and enjoying spending time together. It’s one of the things that we connect around, and it’s been a blast having games to bring us closer together. We’ve played through quite a few games together, and it’s cool to connect on a friend level, as well as a parent. We have fun finding all the secrets, and sometimes just being goofy as we play.

It helps that the LEGO games are so much fun to play, and often can keep you coming back for more on your quest to reach 100% completion. LEGO Batman 3 has the cool aspect of including tons and tons of DC Comics characters. There are even characters that I’ve never heard of, and have had to look up. With all of the side quests and missions, I’m sure we’ll find new things to unlock for a long time.

I’m sure we’ll find another game to play through once we’re done with this one, but for now I’m enjoying our time in a fun and cool game with lots of depth, and set in a fun world.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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