Disney Showtunes

When the wife and I were out for dinner and a beer, after our run, on Friday night, there was a bunch of Phil Collins songs on the overhead music. So on the way home I decided to put on one of my favorite Phil Collins track from Tarzan. This led to a ride home filled with Disney music as I pulled up one song after the other from our favorite movies.

We made the full round from Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Alladin (Prince Ali), and Pocahontas (Color of the Wind). It was hilarious and fun to sing along with my wife (who’s voice is WAAAAAAY better than mine) on some fun tunes from years ago. It also reminded me how incredible classic Disney music was. The music and orchestration from those 90’s era Diseny movies were amazing, and the last the test of time.

It was a fun way to wrap up a stressful week, a couple nice beers in my stomach, and my wife singing with me on showtunes.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

One thought on “Disney Showtunes

  1. Jamison, I had to laugh as I am reading your post while riding the bus to Hollywood Studios this morning. You can live vicariously with my day!

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