This weekend I am running one of the aid stations for the Superior 100 trail race. One of the things I love about trail races is that the food is real food, not just gel based quick hit nutrients. I decided to bring something to add to the mix at my station, gingersnap cookies.

I decided on gingersnaps because often in a trail race this long, runner’s stomachs get upset. Ginger is great for calming a stomach, and cookies are fun to eat no matter what. So today I pulled out the baking supplies and made a mess. Overall, everything went fine. I got a few dozen cookies, and learned a few things about how the recipe I was following really worked. The double batch of the recipe I followed said I should have ended up with 8 dozen cookies, but I think I made them a bit bigger than suggested and came out with only ~4 dozen.

Hopefully, the cookies will keep well until the runners get there, and they will enjoy them. It was fun to bake again, since I haven’t done that in quite a while.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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