Some Jay Cooke running

On Sunday we started our trip back to the cities, but before we did, we wanted to stop at Jay Cooke State Park and do some hiking around. Our original plan had been to do a day trip backpacking hike, but with how tired we were from volunteering and hiking on Saturday, we decided to just go for a nice walk.

We ran into our friend Rob as he was about to head out for a run and chatted with him a bit before heading out over the swinging bridge. We started down a path, and about 1/2 of a mile down we realized that we had forgotten to put on bug spray, and we were getting eaten alive. We decided to hoof it back to the car, and ran the entire way back. It was then that we decided we should run instead of walk, so with a quick wardrobe change, and a slathering of bug spray, we headed out a second time.

We ended up running for 2-3 miles around some of the trails in the park and had a wonderful time doing it. It was really nice to stretch the legs in such a beautiful setting. Jay Cooke will certainly be one of the regular stops for us in the future, as it is a great place to walk and run.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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